Does Black Lives matter want to kill white cops?

Hate group March 

Is Rhode Island on the verge of a race war? Anti-police, progressive liberals have started a campaign in Rhode Island to make it acceptable to commit acts of  violence against law-enforcement. Across the country, members of the hate group “Black Lives Matter” have been linked to the murders of police officers, and been called out for attempts to begin a race war. A  worker brazenly scribbles a message of hate on the coffee cup of a Providence police officer . Not one elected official in Rhode Island has stood up to support the police and condemn the actions of this hate group. 

 At a recent “Black Lives matter”march in East Greenwich, sources at the gathering described marchers referring to the white police as ” thugs with guns “, ” killers,” and ” the Gestapo.” Sources say many  marchers described the need to ” remove guns from police” and ” let them feel hunted.” Sources say many white marchers described feeling  guilt over their ” white privilege” and felt better at the notion of supporting a black hate group that is anti-police and encourages violence. It is time for people to speak out and condemn the enablers of the violent, racist, hate group and stop people from hiding behind a false group name. Black Lives Matter is an anti-police hate group that encourages the killing of police.