Deal or no deal? What does Mattiello demand in exchange for tolls?

Deal or no deal?

Governor Gina Raimondo wants a ” toll bill” to be able to fund the crumbling infrastructure known as the Rhode Island bridges. Not only does the state roads desperately need fixing, but Raimondo also needs to make good on her campaign promises to organized labor. If Raimondo can get her ” rhode works ” program active, it will provide millions to the unions and ” pave the way” to her second term as governor. So who is standing in the way of her ” toll bill?” You guessed it, Speaker Nick Mattiello and his “5 wishes,” which so far the governor has rejected as ” too greedy.” We have spoken to over (ten )different elected officials on Smith Hill, and the following is the ” 5 wishes” all ten confirmed as demands by Mattiello.

In exchange for a ” toll bill,” the Speaker wants: 

1) a former rep.( friend of Murphy)  named a judge.

2) family member of a current rep. named a judge. 

3)Wants Raimondo to promise ” no veto” when legislation reappears on firefighter platoon system.                                       

4)The Speaker picks who gets the contract on the “gantry “to be placed on bridges. 

5) the Speaker gets his baseball stadium in Providence.

Will Raimondo cave to these demands? Stay tuned and follow

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