Governor announces Illegal alien day in Rhode Island

In a surprise move that  even caught President Obama off guard, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has announced plans for the states first ever ” Illegal Alien day.” Governor Raimondo said,” I think it is time we recognize them for the  courage and bravery they displayed by sneaking into our country illegally.” The Governor said plans are still in the works for what exactly will be done , but hinted it will be something very special. ” We already celebrate VJ Day in August, so maybe something like ” IA”( illegal alien) day in September around the beginning of school” said Raimondo.  The Governor hinted at a special Waterfire lighting and ” Green Cards” raffled off. ” I want every illegal alien to enjoy a Del’s lemonade, clam cakes and chowder,” proclaimed the Governor. 

This is an  April fool story.