Chafee order : release the illegals at ACI

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No longer illegal to be ” illegal” in Rhode Island.

Illegals set to be released from prison.

Chafee stops deportations. Rhode Island set to become a magnet for illegals from the border.


While most of the state was watching the latest news on the plane crash, Governor Chafee was busy opening the doors at the ACI and letting all illegals go free. ( Set them free). Chafee has changed laws for illegals to be detained, making it harder for the police and I.C.E. to do their job. No illegal will be kept at the ACI in Cranston unless police arrest them for committing a crime . It will make it impossible to track them since illegals frequently use fake names and addresses. Gov. Chafee has basically made Rhode Island a sanctuary state. Read the documents outlining the changes.