Baileys beach horror : “Wrong way Clay” in poll

Can Clay come from behind?

Will Clay-boy pull out?

Pell going wrong way in poll.

Where are the ads?


Pell supporters?

Clay Pell must think he is at Newport country club working on his golf score. The idea in political polling is to go ” up” in the polls, not “down. “The Pell campaign is as “lost  as a Prius” in the new poll released by ch 12. Wrong way Clay. Let’s see if Bob Walsh and the Pell campaign put their money where their mouth is and start to spend some of that $2 million they bragged about Pell/Kwan putting up. In Rhode Island politics, talk is cheap and so far( aside from some annoying you tube ads,) Clay is turning out to be a  chip off the old Pell “skin flint ” block. There is heavy talk Pell may not ” see July” on this campaign and is ready to fold the tent and head back to D.C.. Let’s hope he guts it out for the sheer enjoyment of the listeners to the John DePetro show on WPRO. Pell going down in flames is good news for Angel Taveras who stands to gain by Pell being in single digits. Follow for the latest.