Providence Sex clubs ?

How much?

Cheaters ruining the best game in town.

Sex in the clubs?

Sex? In strip clubs?
Sex city

What about the gay clubs?

The fallout from the teen stripper at Cheaters continues with war being waged at all levels. A local TV sweeps package alledging  sex in some local strip clubs has put the locals on edge. Sex?The strip clubs in Providence are considered the best in New England and attract local athletes and visiting celebs. Forget 38 studios or the beaches, the clubs bring in tourist and huge revenue. Cheaters was for sale for $8 million, which is $7 million more than anyone would pay for the ” superman building “. The reason this  measure will go nowhere is the rampant sex in the gay clubs. You can’t just go after a few strip clubs, you would have to go after all of the clubs. Expect no changes. Follow for the latest.


$ talks