Bishop prays for new trial

Freddie Bishop. Stitched himself.

Freddie the ” sculptor” is back.

” New evidence ” in murder trial?

Has spent 39 years (of past 40) in prison.

Who is paying for his attorney? 

Freddie Bishop

The trial talked about and covered by John DePetro of WPRO.

Freddie Bishop is 71, in prison for life at the A.C.I. In Cranston, and Bishop wants a new trial. Bishop sat down with CH 10 for a November sweeps interview, where he claims he has ” new evidence” and wants a new trial. The interview gave CH10 an excuse to show the murder scene in Warwick, the broken golf club, the home-made ski mask , and pictures of Bishops face after he stitched it himself. Bishop has a top legal defender , and a source told us his legal bill is being paid for by a client of Bishops sculpture work. Freddie is known as a talented sculptor, and commands top dollar for his work. 

Freddie Bishop is a feared killer, who basically ran the prison during the late 1970’s. Bishop one time had a number of rubber coats delivered to prison , where he had them melted and turned into a small pool in his cell. Follow for the latest on Freddie Bishop.

Murder scene