RI GOP should fire Smiley

Dumb and dumber

The Rhode Island Republicans need to take care of some business before they gear up for the 2014 elections. The RI-GOP needs to get rid of ” dumb and dumber”.  Chairman Mark Smiley should  be removed after the ” rifle raffle ” fiasco which has made the party of the laughing stock of local politics. The poor judgement shown by  Smiley is a major ” red flag” for what is to come during the next campaign cycle. Major campaign donors will shy away from any type of “real money” to flow into the hands of this amateur operation. Serious candidates will hesitate to put their political future in the hands of such a clueless bunch. The party needs to make changes, or gear up for another losing effort in the year ahead.  Mistakes are bound to happen in any political campaign, but the experience and ability to identify the mistakes and rectify them are crucial to have any type of success. Mayor Alan Fung and Senator Dawson Hodgeson should have the proper clout to have more of a say in the direction of the state party, as opposed to the gang that cannot ” shoot straight”.

Fowl direction