Strange twist in Rob McClanaghan case


A strange twist has occurred in the arrest of Rob McClanaghan with many unanswered questions. The easiest way to explain the latest in this story is through the use of a timeline.

Friday November 18, 2022,- Rob McClanaghan is arrested in the town of East Greeniwch by the Warwick police and Boston fugitive task force for an arrest warrant of drugging and rape in Boston in early November. The public is unaware Rob Mac has been arrested and is being detained for the weekend.

rob mac
rob mac

Saturday night November 19. 2022-Boston Police post on Facebook that he has been arrested and provide details on the charges. The story is picked up by mostly local media outlets in RI and MA.

Saturday night November 19, 2022-A writer for forwards the initial story to an ex-girlfriend of Rob McClanaghan, who had previously discussed with the writer a violent troubled relationship with Rob Mac.  In a phone conversation that night, she goes into detail about various aspects of the relationship including being drugged and sexually assaulted by him in the past.

Sunday morning November 20, 2022, the ex-girlfriend receives a curious phone call with caller ID showing law firm Adler Pollack Boston. She answers and a woman claiming to represent the law firm states she wants to talk with her about her relationship with Rob McClanaghan. The woman claims fifteen women have come forward with allegations against him with ten women willing to testify. The woman proceeds to ask the ex-girlfriend a series of questions such as ” do you consider yourself a victim?” ” Would you be willing to testify?” The ex-girlfriend is rattled and says she would need time to absorb everything happening and would need time to think about it.

Sunday afternoon November 20,2022- The ex-girlfriend communicates to a writer of of what happened with the phone call and begins to relate further details of the relationship. That day, runs a story regarding the phone call and claims of ten women. A writer for leaves a message on the Adler Pollack Boston vm inquiring about litigation tied to Rob Mac.

Monday November 21, 2022- Rob Mac appears in court in Warwick RI, and not released by the judge. The ex-girlfriend reiterates the same phone number and again attempts to reach someone at the Boston law firm.

in court

Tuesday November 22, 2022-Rob Mac appears in Boston court with his attorney Kelli Porges.

Wednesday November 23, 2022- A writer for reaches someone in Adler Pollack Boston who agrees to try and investigate the matter. Later on, Wednesday, John DePetro received a phone call from a partner at Adler Pollack who assured him the firm has no litigation connected with a case against Rob McClanaghan.

So, who called the ex-girlfriend on Sunday morning? The call was most likely recorded even though the woman never mentioned recording it. Who has the abilities to manipulate caller ID to make it seem like a call from a Boston law firm? Notice the questions of ” do you consider yourself a victim” and ” would you testify in court along with a group of other women?” Rob McClanaghan was arrested Friday so when did he first contact an attorney? When did he call Kelli Porges? Did he meet with her on Saturday or Sunday morning? Who would be in a hurry to try to lock the ex-girlfriend into a story without the benefit of an attorney and by misleading her into the nature of the call? The Boston Police Facebook posting definitely caught team Rob Mac off guard and they had to speed up their actions. Who would have the phone number of the ex-girlfriend? Who would be motivated to call her?