Armed Black Lives Matter protesters storm Providence


It was a wild night at the Rhode Island State House as the new violent ” Black Lives Matter RI PAC” stormed into town. The new leaders have promised a more aggressive tone and action plan towards police. One Black Lives Matter member was arrested with a loaded weapon while sources say there were several armed BLM members at the event. Police arrested Dennis Torres of East Providence who was taunting police with a Fuck the police sign. Torres is the brother of one of the main members of the new BLM.  Sources say two other Black Lives Matter, members escaped police by running into the mall garage while a fourth armed member escaped to Kennedy Plaza. The list of speakers included Amanda Brooklyn Toussaint who was arrested in October for threatening to kill members of the Providence police. Toussaint was chosen to speak over Brother Gary, who was snubbed in favor of a more anti-police tone. The speeches were filled with hate and threats of violence towards police. Chants of ” every city and every town in Rhode Island, burn it down.” The BLM RI Providence Antifa chapter( PAC) had a very strong presence at the rally armed with knives and clubs. Original Black Lives Matter members were not allowed to speak in favor of more younger anti-police speakers and gang members. Police did a tremendous job of preventing a full-scale riot.

BLM member Dennis Torres
Amanda Brooklyn Toussaint