Exclusive: Sexual harassment scandal could involve twenty Cranston firefighters


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In March of 2017,  Rebecca Lema made history as the first female firefighter in the city of Cranston with a department of 195 all male members. On Halloween of 2019, trick or treat in Cranston turned into Nightmare on Park avenue as Lema came forward with sexual harassment allegations that threaten to rock Cranston city hall. According to firefighter sources, Lema made a formal complaint of allegations against as many as fifteen Cranston firefighters with a number that could climb higher than twenty. When Lema was hired in March of 2017 the city had no personnel director and therefore firefighters did not complete any training in sexual harassment, despite the fact Lema was the first female on a staff of 195 men.  

 Lema has allegedly made credible allegations of rampant sexual harassment within the Cranston firefighters with a culture of sexual harassment that extends up to high ranking city fire officials. Sources quote repeated demands from male firefighters for oral sex ( ” hey get over here and suck my d**k,” crude language, demands for her to watch them masterbate, daily sexual innuendo (” wanna see my hose?”), and reports of a giant black dildo along with other sex toys kept in the firehouse behind Cranston city hall.  A Cranston source claims several firefighters gathered together the first weekend of November to “get their stories straight and back each brother up.”Lema reportedly made several verbal complaints in the past to high ranking Cranston fire officials but nothing was done to curb the behavior.

 NBC 10 has reported the city has hired an outside investigator to look into the allegations. 

is this really the bravest? 

The Cranston firefighters have a long history  mired in scandal from fist fights within the ranks, overtime scams, 18 paid holidays,  to attacking a sitting mayor. John DePetro was first to break this latest scandal. Listen to the John DePetro Radio show for the latest on the scandal.